FW Florian Wolz – Teamleader, Electrical & Mechanical Engineering
Florian already gained some experience within the REXUS-16 experiment HORACE. Additionally to his field of functions in the electrical and mechanical design for RaCoS, he also was the teamleader for RaCoS.
MEMarion Engert – Mechanical Engineering, Public Outreach
Together with Florian she worked on the mechanical part and helped with the organisation. Moreover she was responsible for the public outreach program of RaCoS.
DKDennis Kaiser – Verification & Testing, Sponsoring
Dennis was mainly responsible for simulation, validation and testing. Furthermore he worked on sponsoring tasks.
TWTobias Wahl – Development of the On-Board-Computer Software and the control algorithm
Tobias’ main task was the development of a control algorithm, which provides a control signal for the valves. He was also responsible for the communication with the connected devices and programming of the embedded system.
TZTobias Zaenker – TM/TC-System and EGSE responsible, Calculations
Tobias was mainly responsible for the telemetry and telecommand system of RaCoS. He developed the ground station software. He also assisted Tobias Wahl with parts of the on-board software.