The Rocket

RaCoS was part of REXUS 22, a spin-stabilized sounding rocket, which flies unguided. The rocket reached a total velocity of 1200 m/s. The length of REXUS 22 was 5.96 m and the diameter 35.6 cm. The REXUS rocket typically consists of, among others, the payload, an Improved Orion motor (solid propellant, 240 kg) and a recovery module as well as the service system.
The payload mass has an impact on the altitude. REXUS 22 had a payload mass (it also includes balance mass, service system, cables, motor adapter, nosecone, etc.) of about 114,6 kg and reached an altitude of 84,4 km and was launched on 16th March 2017 in norther Sweden, Esrange Space Center.

Here are two videos form the launch of REXUS 22:

REXUS 22 Launch:

Launch: REXUS 22 2017-03-16: